(Also known as Judith Ann Moore, née Wiederanders.)

I am a painter who lives in northern New Mexico. Fascinated with the stories of my ancestors, I have researched their lives and history over the past 12 years. I particularly enjoy taking road trips to see where my ancestors lived and what traces remain of their lives. I have driven around this country -- through Texas, Illinois, Iowa, and South Dakota -- and through much of Germany, too, exploring ancestral villages and towns.

My research has led me to translate numerous letters, documents, and articles, and much of my great-great-grandmother’s Stammbuch (journal). She brought this small book to Texas from Germany in 1848. (It languished in a barrel in my own grandma’s barn until 1993.)

I have also painted a series of ancestor portraits. To view these visit www.juliamoore.com.

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Photo by Jennifer Esperanza

I believe we are connected to our ancestors by invisible bonds of mutual love and gratitude. Whether we acknowledge it or not, those who have gone before us live in us and through us. Truly, we stand on their shoulders.