Our ancestors were ranchers and lawyers, indentured servants and educated ladies, shepherds and founders of cities. They were ministers, craftsmen, midwives, housemaids, and peat diggers. Some were even people of intrigue: a youthful hostage, a stowaway, and a “fallen” woman. The adventurous, courageous, or just plain desperate ones came from all parts of Germany to start new lives in a young country. Their descendants persevered and became true Americans, while continuing to carry their German language and heritage through several generations.

By following the links below you will find their stories, as well as information about our ancestral villages and towns in Germany and related historical topics.

All of these stories have been edited by Jane Moore, whose clarity of thought and syntax is an inspiration to her mother.


Wiederanders & Beyer Ancestry:
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Martin Wilhelm Reuter: lawyer and civil servant

Mimmi Richter Schweers and Minnie Beyer Wiederanders

Schweers, Heyen, & Schluentz Ancestry:

Vats and buckets (early 1500s) such as those made by coopers in the Wiederanders family

Carl A. Wiederanders: Circuit rider in the Dakotas (circa 1910)

Reuter & Richter Ancestry:

Peat digger's cottage and stack of peat blocks in Ostfriesland

Heyo, Margaretha, and John Schweers

Family cattle brands

Tips, vom Stein, and Schmitz Ancestry:

18th century Schweinfurt

Robert Richter with a record-size goose

General Topics:

Wickrathberg schoolhouse clock

The Dom (Cathedral) in Cologne

Wilhelmine Tips’s Stammbuch

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Martin Luther statue in Annaberg, Saxony