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Unfortunately, the threat of identity theft requires that a family historian balance her desire to share information against her responsibility to protect the privacy and security of living family members. Because certain information could be potentially harmful if it fell into the wrong hands, the genealogy on this website treats persons who are currently living differently from those who are deceased. (All persons born after 1910 are considered “living” unless or until notification of their death is received.)

Genealogical information about living persons’ births, marriages, and divorces (if applicable) is limited to year and state only. More detailed information -- including the month, day, and city of these milestones -- is kept in my private database, but not published on the web. Any living family member who wishes to further limit the disclosure of his or her genealogical information may contact me with specific instructions.

A genealogy discloses mother’s maiden name as a matter of course. Because this information is so readily available to potential thieves, most financial institutions are moving away from the use of mother’s maiden name as proof of identity. To be on the safe side, contact your bank or credit card company and have your personal identifier changed to a different password.

For more information about identity theft and some simple steps you can take to protect yourself, visit

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